How to backup and restore Exchange 2010 using Backup Exec 2010 #Exchange2010 Part2 #Exchange #backupexec #symantec #mvpbuzz

for Backup Exec 2012 version of this series check my article:

In this part we will explore the options to backup and restore the data using Backupexec from the Exchange Server.

Backupexec offers 2 ways to restore the data to Exchange:

  • Using Mailbox database restore, which restore the entire database this could be used in case of database corruption either logically or physically.
  • restore individual mailbox or mail items (mail or attachment for example) from the backup set, this is a more practical solution in day to day operations in case of email item got deleted or a mailbox needed to be recovered for a reason or another, in order to restore a mailbox or individual email item, BE uses the Exchange web services to restore the mailbox or the email item thus you need to be aware of any network/firewall requirements that might be needed to make this happens.for the sake of this blog post, we will explore option 2 (restoring individual email items and mailboxes) since option 1 will be explored in the following blog post exploring corrupted databases, lost logs and dirty shutdowns.Exchange 2010 Backup job Creation:to create a backup for the Exchange 2010, open the BE management console and create a backup job, from the job creation section:

    from the wizard point to the Custom Selection to be able to select individual mailboxes/databases, otherwise you will select the hall DAG and backup all of the mailbox databases



8 thoughts on “How to backup and restore Exchange 2010 using Backup Exec 2010 #Exchange2010 Part2 #Exchange #backupexec #symantec #mvpbuzz

  1. Love the detailed tips on backing up Exchange with Backup Exec. Drop us a line sometime if you want to team up on a post to the SYMC community about Exchange, Sharepoint or Hyper-V. One of our PM’s just posted a summary of some of the Hyper-V support because we’ve been getting a lot of interest from the install base.


  2. Just kick off Exchange 2010 upgrade from 2007. It was a big help in preparing for DAG backup with BE.

    For individual mail box restoration, is redirect or rename mailbox restoration available?
    In other word, restore mailbox with different name as original one.

    Thank you.

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