In the 1st of Jan 2013, I published this article to plan for 2013, these were high-level activities to guide me through 2013, I listed the below activities (I will strikethrough what I have done):

- Lose some weight, at least 10 Kg, aiming for 15 or 20 Kg. < Started, and lost some weight but I don’t know how much I lost 22 Kgs so far.

- Gain some muscle back. < Started

- pushing my wife into the decoration BA.

On Career:

- MBA – But I don’t think I will go for it this year, maybe in 2014.

- Complete the CCEE < Will book the Exam Next Month

- Go for the CCIA.

- Go through ITIL certificate (as long as my company will put me into the ITIL training).

- Go for the TOGAF certificate. < Started but the Study guide is the most boring thing ever

- Complete MCSE Certificate (Private Cloud, Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013).

- Go through the CCIE Data Center Video training, I won’t go for the exam, at least this year.

- Go Through the Cisco UCS training. Will start this one today, but I am so lazy to go to the garage to bring my headset.

- Complete the Exchange 2013 Arabic Training video series.

- Complete Office 365 lab, maybe doing Arabic videos as well.

- Publish another book. Working with PackT on the new title.

- keep the MVP and BExpert certificates. I am thinking about changing my MVP track, not sure. I also attained VMware’s vExpert award

- Complete the documentation automation script, the one we use at the work.

- Auh, complete the 3PAR training I didn’t finish it in 2012.

I believe I did good, maybe I missed some career objectives, but I completed others, like learning VNX, vCloud Director ; vCloud Orchestrator and upgrading my Netscaler/XenDesktop and Windows 2012R2 skills

Tomorrow I will layout 2014 Objectives Smile.